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Arthritis the main effects of aging

Aging and the human body

The human beings are the living animals and all living animal are mortal bodies. From the day a baby comes out the womb of her mother his or her days are very much numbered. Once they are born they must die also. Death is the end of the life that can come at any time any moment in any body’s lifetime. However the main reason of the death in this world is the aging. There are other factors like accidents and some diseases that can cause death at a very young age also. But the death due to the aging is the most common factor of death in this world. It is very much seen that the people rather the old age peoples are suffering from heart attack or the organ failure and are dying. This aging causes the body to loose many of its function. Rather it can said like that the organs of our body become very much nonfunctional with time and does not yield good results. Thus the body suffers as they do not get proper materials to thrive back. It also invite a lot of other disease as well. The main among them is the arthritis. These disease are curable however judging by the fact that the body is old the treatments are also not very much helpful.

What is Arthritis?

It is mainly a disease where the dynamicity of the human body is loosed. This loss may be temporary or permanent, of low impact and also of very much high impact. However Arthritis cannot be regarded as the single disease as it also bring many of the other diseases as well in the body that works along with the effects of the arthritis and thus intensifying the misery upon the body. The most common of them are the nervous disorder and to be precise the Parkinson’s disease. In this disease the nerve endings of the body starts degenerating due to absence of the dopamine in the body. It is neurotransmitter that transmits the signals or the nerve impulses throughout the body. And Parkinson’s disease characterizes with denatured neuron ends and also imperfect transmission of neurons. Thus the body starts giving a little shivering type of effects all the time and when the person who is affected by it is doing some kind of a work. Thus this arthritis is a gradual process and the effects increases as the age of that affected individual increase. It is very much common in every household nowadays and in both male and the female


Treatment of arthritis is not that prominent enough. Yes there medicines and also other surgeries. Ad those surgeries are very much effective than that of the medicines. However surgeries involve a lot of risk factors as well.


Recently the knee transplantation has been very much common as a treatment of the problem. Although it is very expensive method and also involve other factors as well.


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