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Did you know that every month is associated with a particular gemstone? The way we have zodiac signs similarly we all have a birthstone with is associated to the month in which we are born. All the gemstones have different properties and offer a range of healings. Birthstones are believed to align with the wearer so well that they are believed to change one’s destiny for better. Let us take a look at all the birthstones month-by-month and look at the benefits it offers

Birthstone of January:

TheGarnet is the birthstone for the ones born in January. Garnet symbolises faith. Constancy and faith are some of its attributes. It helps the wearer by boosting energy levels, will power and self-image. It also helps to safeguard and protect the wearer during travel.

Birthstone of February:

The Amethyst gemstone the birthstone for people born in Feb.The ancient Greeks believed that Amethyst protected from intoxication of any kind and is known to offer courage to the wearer and strengthen relationship.

Birthstone of March

The Aquamarine is the birthstone for March born people. The Aquamarine is said to diseases related to the liver, heart and stomach. In the ancient times, Aquamarine was said to protect against ocean dangers.

Birthstone of April

The Diamond isone of the precious stone and is a symbol of everlasting love. The ancient people believed that it offered courage to the wearer or the person having a loose gem. The diamond is known as “vajra,” in Sanskrit which also means lightning.

Birthstone of May

The beautiful Emerald is the birthstone of people born in May. Among the many gemstones, one of Cleopatra’s favourite gemstone was the Emerald. The Emerald gemstone is associated with love, fertility and rebirth. This gemstone was dedicated to Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty by the Ancient Romans. The Emeralds denotes growth, patience and wisdom.

Birthstone of June

The lustrous and shiny gemstone which resembles the Moon, the Pearl is the birthstone of June. The Pearl is a symbol of Purity and offers calmness to the mind. It also strengthens relationship with partner and offers happiness.

Birthstone of July

Themesmerizing Ruby was once considered as the “king of gems” by the people in ancient civilizations. The Ruby is believed to offer protection from eviland its deep-red colour signifies passion and love.

Birthstone of August

The Peridot is a symbol of strength and is sometimes referred to as the ‘Evening Emerald’ because of its light green colour. According to a legend, the Peridot crystals that were found in the volcanic ashes were the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele. The Peridot when set in gold was believed to offer relief from nightmares.

Birthstone of September

The Sapphire is the birthstone of September and was once believed to protect from evil and poisoning. In the olden times, the people believed that if a venomous snake was placed in a jar made of Sapphire it would die. The Sapphire is a symbol of wisdom and purity and is known to be the favourite gemstone of the Kings and priests.

Birthstone of October

The birthstone of October is Opal. The Opal is a symbol of confidence and faithfulness. The word Opal is derived from the Latin word opalus, which means “precious jewel.” In the ancient era women wore necklaces with Opal gemstones set in them in order to protect eyesight and repel evil.

Birthstone of November

The enchanting Topaz is the birthstone of people born in November. The Topaz is a symbol of affection and love and is known to offer enhanced strength and intellect to the wearer.

Birthstone of December

The Turquoise is the birthstone of people born in December. It is considered as the love charm and symbolizesgood fortune and success. The Topaz helps to calm the mind and offers protection to the wearer from mishaps and harm. This divine stone wards off negativity and evil spirits.


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