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Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) launched the 6 D game in the year 1997 in the Philippines. Today, it is the most sought game by the Philippines. There are many common people, who are now a milliner by winning 1st prize money. There are also others, who have improved their living standards by winning other 4-prize tiers. This is evident to see by the internet search for 6 digit result today 2019. This is because anyone who is 18-years and above in Philippine can buy 6D and try their luck. This includes foreigners who are staying legally here.

Who can try 6D in the Philippine?

The people who are already familiar with the below-mentioned digit games can coolly try this game.

  • 6 58 Lotto
  • 6 55 Lotto
  • 6 49 Lotto
  • 6 45 Lotto
  • 6 42 Lotto

Others must read the trusted online lotto channels and find the PCSO 6 D information and rules.

PCSO 6 D Prize

The 1st prize winner is eligible to win up to 150,000 P. There are other 4-prizes which are eligible to win, 40,000, 4,000, 400 and 40 Pesos.

Here, the rule is to get the exact match of six numbers. That is why it is called the PCSO 6 D lotto. If there are more than 1-prize winners for the 1st prize, the prize amount will be shared equally. The 6 D lotto winners will get a 20% deduction on the prize money. This is as tax money on their respective price amount.

How to check PCSO 6 D results?

The 6 digit lotto jackpot prize today is declared from the PSCO office. You can check the result from any of the authorized PSCO dealers in the Philippines. Apart from offline, busy people can check the 6 digit result today 2019 online too. There are many trusted online lotto channels. They do update the live results as and when the PSCO announces. Those websites are the best for any newbie’s too.

6 Digit Result Today

The online lottery channel does update the live result within a fraction of seconds on its website. The lotto enthusiasts can check them instantly from their Smartphone, tablet or laptop.

6 Digit Result last Week

If you forget the check 6 D results, the online lottery channels are the best to check. They provide last week’s 6 D results. You will get the result information by just selecting the date.

6 Digit Result Histories

Similarly, the lotto channels do provide past years results. This is the best to analyze 6 D predictions. If you are good at maths, you can sort out the repeated 6 D winning numbers.

The PSCO 6 D result online is the smart way to check anytime and anywhere by the Philippines. They are accurate and never update any false information. They are not a scam as they do not sell any online jackpots. The Philippines government permits trusted online lottery channels only. In this way, the Philippines lotto lovers do check them online.

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