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Cost-Effective Lung Cleaning Surgery and Lung Transplant in India


Can you live without oxygen? Well, No. There is no such option. Lungs are the primary organs that are responsible for controlling your respiratory system, that is the removal of the carbon-di-oxide from the body and providing adequate oxygen to different organs

If you are a chain smoker, there is a certainty that your lungs have started degrading. There can be other reasons too, that does not allow you to inhale the necessary amount of oxygen. It can be dust, increasing pollution, smoke, working in the toxic chemical industry and more.

The continuous degradation or damage to the lungs can fail the functioning of the lungs. In the initial stages of lung failure, the doctor suggests for lung cleaning surgery.

The Lung Cleansing Surgery Cost in India is highly affordable. Undergoing lung cleaning surgery, you can save considerably in comparison to lung transplant. However, the patient needs to follow a strict disciplined lifestyle.

Essential Tips to Cleanse Your Lungs:

For cleansing of your lungs, the doctor suggests the patient follow some essential tips:

  • The first and foremost thing is that the patient must quit smoking. Long term smoking leads to scarring of lungs, and thus blocks the little air sacs. The tobacco smoke contains carbon monoxide that acts as a poison to your lungs. So, if you want to recover, say no to the smoking of any type, be it a pipe, marijuana or a cigarette.
  • Monitor the quality of air inside and outside your home. It can be done quickly through an online tool. The Air Quality Index is available for all the cities, states and localities on the government websites. The quality of outdoor air cannot be controlled, but you can try to make a schedule that is staying indoors when pollution is maximum outdoor, and go out when the infection is comparatively less. For Indoor air, you can maintain cleanliness, and make use of air cleaners.
  • If the condition of the lungs is very degraded, the doctor may suggest the patient undergo the lung physiotherapy to get rid of the accumulated mucus. The physiotherapy specialists may also guide you for lungs detoxification to enhance the cleaning process.
  • Apart from that, the patient has to adapt to a cleansing diet. The patient has to consume antioxidant-rich food. Consumption of healthy antioxidant food results in improving the condition of the lungs and reducing the risk of lung cancer.
  • Last but not least, exercise. Exercising not only is essential for lung cleansing, but it makes your overall body healthy.

Final Words:

If the patient reaches the doctor when the lungs have just started degrading, the cure of the lung diseases is possible with the cleansing process.

On the contrary, if the condition of the lungs has degraded considerably, then the patient might have to undergo a lung transplant surgery, it is usually valid for end-stage failure.

Not only, the lung cleansing surgery, but also the Lung Transplant Cost in India is also very low compared to other countries of the world.

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