Facts to Know about Plastic Recyclable and Plastic Non-Recyclable Products

Plastic is a non-eco-friendly material that needs to be totally avoided. However, few decades back plastic ruled the world of commodities. You can find plastic accessories everywhere as they were durable, trendy, cost effective and of course easy to utilize.

However, in the past few year people are saying ‘No’ to the use plastic made things as they are polluting the planet. However, a majority of these plastic products are recyclable and hence can be used without harming the environment.

Here are few plastics that are recyclable –

  • PETE -They are the common type of plastic used now to make liquid containers and freezer friendly boxes. It is Polyethylene Terephthalate that can be recycled to make bottles and fibers. They are best to make customized food packages.
  • HDPE – It is commonly known as high density polyethylene greatly used to carry material composed with chemicals. It can be oil, milk, juices, washing liquids, bleach and cosmetics. While recycling they are converted into water bottles or bags.
  • LDPE- Low density polyethylene is mostly used in the food industry to wrap food packs and as a wrapping material to cover grocery items. They are cheaper to make and easily recyclable.
  • PP – Generally, termed as Polyproylene is used to make durable bags, ropes and tubes. It is quite reliable material to last for many years.

There are many forms of plastic that are non bio degradable. This kind of plastic can end up polluting our environment. Here are few such plastic forms that is better to avoid using.

A few popularly known non-recyclable plastics –

  • Plastic bags – It is one of the worst forms of plastic needed to be removed from usage as they don’t get destroyed, thus remain intact wherever they are thrown spoiling the land and other renewable sources as well. They form the worst garbage littered everywhere and make the place unhygienic to live.
  • Plastic wraps – They are mainly used to wrap food items often thrown after usage. They won’t get easily destroyed, hence need special equipment to recycle them again. It is best to avoid using them and find alternatives like material made of recyclable material.
  • Polystyrene foam – They are mainly used to protect breakable things like eggs and glasses. The materials are aerated and hence can’t be used often. You need to destroy it by special process and can’t let it out in garbage as it will cause soil pollution.

In many countries, non-recyclable plastic has been banned both manufacturing and usage. People are made aware to use Custom eco-friendly bags in place of plastic bags. There are numerous bags available to carry anywhere and moreover they are highly durable and trendy.

If you are planning to use such eco friendlier bags as a promotional gift log on to online website You can choose from an array of classic bags designed from highly recyclable material. It helps in making the world free of pollution from non biodegradable plastic.

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