Get the Best Deal for Hop on Hop Off Sightseeing Bus Tour in Budapest

Budapest, capital of Hungary is also the 10th biggest city in EU. The city is known for its rich history. Before 9th Century Romans settled in Aquicum and then Hungarians arrived in the 9th Century.

The city was also robbed by Mongolians, hence the city Buda, which is located near the west river bank. Budapest is considered as the fastest developing city in sectors like finance, commerce, art, entertainment, media, research, fashion, education, technology and tourism.

The history is quite interesting and you can find many museums and galleries all over the city. There are various exhibitions that occur in summer. Around 223 museums as well as galleries make this city speak its various memories.

Alone in Budapest, there are 40 theatres, one opera house and 7 concert halls. Various festivals and events being held every season, makes it the most entertaining city. Hence, when tourists visit Budapest, they ensure that the tour package which they take gives them the best deal and experience in all.

There are various modes of transportation through which you can explore the whole city. Thanks to the internet world that we can book any tour package with the best deal by just sitting at home. Whether it is renting a car, bike, boat or booking a seat in bus tour, every detail can be minutely captured online from the best third-party online site that provides you not only tour packages but best deal in hotels and restaurants.

However, bus tours are considered to be more exciting as bunch of people ravel together and one tourist guide escorts all of them. In bus tours, you not only explore tourist destinations at cheaper rate, but you can also dine at few places and depending upon the packages you can either take full day tour or half day tour.

The traditional HOHO bus tour is quite famous in Budapest. If you wish to know all deals from various sites at one time without any hassle of going to various sites one by one, then you can click here for Budapest bus tours comparison.

With the HOHO bus tour you also get boat tour included. Here is some important information on bus tour which might help you –

  • Types of bus tour
  • Routes
  • Price of tickets
  • Timings

Types of bus tour

  • There is also multiple day tour which lasts from 1424 hours to 48 hours including 26 destinations. Looking at the itinerary you can plan your tour package accordingly, if you think it is quite hectic for a day then you can divide it accordingly, clubbing some more activities like bus night tour or cruise from Danube River.
  • Night tour bus takes around 2 hours to finish the trip of entire city. This is because most historic monuments are closed in the evening so the bus trip shows you the night vision of the city without taking you inside historical monuments.


There are four routes majorly which includes HOHO bus tour including the boat tour.

  • Red Tour is full day tour that covers 26 destinations.
  • Purple day tour is a half day tour which covers 17 destinations in all.
  • Night Line bus tour covers the illuminated Budapest in two hours at night including 13 stops.
  • Lastly, the boat line which has four stops total.

Price of tickets

The price of tickets varies depending upon the age of an individual. Below six years of age get free ride, but kids above six years of age have to get tickets. Those who are above 12 years of age are considered adults and are charged accordingly. If you add some extra trips to your package then the price goes up accordingly. For example, adding night tour with day tour as well or adding a boat ride or cruise to it.


The Red tour bus is available every thirty minutes and the remaining tours are available every sixty minutes. However, the most important thing is that with every season the tour timing changes –

  • From April to October the first bus tour begins at 9am in the morning and the last bus tour is at 6pm in the evening. If you are interested in night line then that can be availed at 8pm.
  • November to March is off season hence, at that time the first tour is at 9am in the morning and the last bus tour begins at 4pm in the evening. The night tour is around 6pm.
  • Boat tour is a short trip thence you can get a boat ride in every hour during peak season from May till September from 10am to 8pm. From June to August, there is just one boat ride at 10.30am and from November to April there are specific timings to get a boat ride.

Hop on Hop Off bus tour is quite interesting because it also involves some learning and lot of walking. Hence, it is wise to wear comfortable shoes and dress according to the weather. Don’t forget to take your sunglasses and a hat. To avoid traffic, take a tour in early mornings or late in the afternoons. To know more about the tour packages and get the best deals you can explore, which guides you properly.

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