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How hair transplantation takes place

These days hair fall has become a very common problem and if one cannot control it in right time, then huge hair fall can also lead to baldness.

In order to get rid of that baldness one can often think of going for a hair transplant process. Now, what exactly it is? Well, it is a kind of surgical process where a hair folic from a certain part of a human body is removed and attached to the bald portion of the same body. That is why; the process is known as transplantation.

The main reason for hair transplantation is to get rid of baldness. By this technique one has not to depend on any other treatments or processes of hair growth. The hair that is grafted or implanted will continue to have a normal growth. This form of surgery gives more or less a positive result. The donor in this case is the person who is undergoing the surgery. That is why there is a least chance of failure as there is no point is depending on others. Hair transplantation is any day better than any other artificial ways of growing hair. It is also a very secure surgery as local anaesthesia is done before doing the process. The most scientific advantage of having hair transplantation is that it keeps in count the uniformity of distribution. The treatment is done in a particular way that the overall follicular distribution in the human body remains intact. It is also a very cost effective process. But one needs to remember that undergoing hair transplantation is not a very easy thing to do. One has to consult a surgeon who is a pro in these surgeries before undergoing such decisions. Hair transplantation has to be done with proper care and the one who is facing it should also know the aftercare process. This can only be done with the help of a proper doctor. One has to know what to use and to avoid on the skin which has undergone surgery. Otherwise, post surgical complications may arise which can lead to skin allergies and untimed wrinkles.

Once the entire process is over, there are certain things that one needs to follow.

  • When the transplantation is over, one needs to sleep with an elevated head for at least few days.
  • The surgeon will prescribe a particular shampoo and one has to wash the scalp with that at least 3 times a day.
  • Post surgery one has to stay away from alcohol consumption. Now, for how many days one has to stay away from that is to be mentioned by the surgeon.
  • If one wants to go out when there is a string sun light, then they have to wear a hat.
  • For at least a month post surgery one should not go for a haircut.

These are the basic thing that has to be followed if one wants a successful hair transplant in Delhi. Also one needs an experienced hand to undergo this process.

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