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How To Avoid Discoloration Of Your Teeth: Here Are 8 Useful Tips

A bright and beautiful smile is an accessory everyone can wear all day. People who are proud of their teeth find that their smile adds a boost of confidence in their everyday life. Having a perfect smile is just one of the top reasons why professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures requested by patients.

Aside from seeing your local dentist for a teeth whitening session, avoiding stains is the best way to preserve the natural color of your teeth. Here are a few tips worth following to ensure you prevent teeth discoloration:

1: Avoid Drinks That Stain

It can be hard to skip the morning coffee, but coffee is one of the many drinks that can cause discoloration of teeth with time. Other drinks that can cause staining are black tea and wine. While going cold turkey might be near impossible for most of us, simply just limiting your consumption will minimize the darkening.

2: Drink Coffee Using A Straw

Coffee lovers who just can’t get enough of their caffeine can also switch from drinking hot coffee to iced. Why? Iced coffee can be consumed using a straw which prevents the majority of the coffee from coming into contact with the teeth, hence lessening the chances of premature discoloration.

3: Rinse With Water

Another technique worth trying if giving up drinks that stain your teeth is too hard is to simply rinse your mouth with water. A thorough rinse with water after drinking wine, tea, or coffee will help prevent stains from discoloring the teeth.

4: Quit Smoking

Another unhealthy habit that can also lead to permanent teeth discoloration is smoking. Chain smokers will often find that their teeth gradually look darker and less attractive over the years. Quitting cigarettes will help not just your overall health and well being, it will also minimize the staining.

5: Stop Chewing Tobacco

Aside from smoking, chewing tobacco can also cause staining. In fact, the discoloration happens sooner for tobacco chewers than smokers because of direct exposure. Patients who want to avoid discolored teeth should avoid chewing tobacco at all cost.

6: Brush, Floss, And Use Mouthwash Regularly

Although it seems obvious, one of the best tips when it comes to avoiding stains is to practice excellent oral health care. This means brushing, flossing, and using an antibacterial mouthwash twice a day, every day.

7: DIY Teeth Whitening Kits

As long as it is approved by your oral health care provider, there is no harm in using DIY whitening kits. Always remember to follow the instructions correctly to avoid accidents and teeth whitening horror stories.

8: Regular Dental Visits

Visit your local dentist regularly and have your teeth cleaned. A healthy mouth will make it easier to maintain bright teeth. Plus, your dental care provider can be recommended professional teeth whitening procedures if it is necessary.

Take good care of your teeth so that they stay healthy and your smile can help brighten everyone’s day. Schedule your next dental checkup today.

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