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Indigestible Food: That Stimulates The Digestive System

The smell of your favorite food really attracts you towards it but have you ever think that which kind of food is digestible and which one is indigestible. Many people hardly resist the temptation of delicious food. When these indigestible foods enter the body it causes harmful effects on your body.

Consuming these foods can lead to various health issues and for this the only way is medications and it is not possible all the time to have the medicines available at home so nowadays online pharmacies made it all possible. Canadian pharmacy online offers the best deal and low-cost medicines at your doorsteps. But the best way to stay ways from the medicines is having the knowledge of these foods and reducing their portion in your diet.

  • Raw Onion– The favorite Indian salad in the dinner, lunch, but most of the people doesn’t know that it is an indigestible food that they are having. Onion has many kinds of nutrients which are very beneficial for the body but if you take it in your dinner then it can lead to the gastrointestinal discomfort. Abdominal cramps, flatulence are the problems jumps over when having the raw onion.
  • Fried Foods- We all know about it but still can’t resist the delicious smell of these foods. Actually, they are rich in fats and oils, as these fried foods are prepared in the hot oil and the heated oil produces the chemical substance known as acrylic acid which is very difficult to digest. People should pay attention while having these fried foods like French fries or the chicken when suffering from gastroenteritis and another gastrointestinal disease. Sometimes having fried food can also cause diarrhea or nausea.
  • Ice Creams– Kids love ice creams and why kids’ cold drinks, popsicles, and ice creams are the favorites of many of the people. After having these kinds of foods affects the normal functioning of the intestine as the cold nature of these foods make the cells weak and their function too. Ice creams that people are not much aware that causes the loss of appetite and stimulates the stomach. By this person experience the stomach distension, abdominal pain and so on. Having these cold foods on the regular basis can also damage the spleen and stomach.
  • Chocolates– Everyone’s favorite food, then whether it any occasion or just a good mood everyone loves to have it. Chocolates have lots of calories and having it in excess can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort. Chocolates can also lead to reflux of gastric acid and also stimulates the esophagus and pharynx. A person suffering from stomach related problems are strictly advised to avid chocolates.

Many times it has been seen that people suffering from stomach related problems continue eating these indigestible foods and that results in the dire conditions like ulcers infections and many more. When having health issues it is better to avoid such foods to have a healthy stomach.

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