Magearna QR Code Not Working For Australia, UK, USA & Europe


What a fun loving game Pokémon Go, isn’t it? But let me tell you about hidden feature of this game which is known as Magearna QR Code. Now you must be wondering about this! Well let me allow you to explain about this code. This code is for those who had already finished the first part of Pokémon Sun and Moon. This article will provide you information about Magearna QR code scan and how to solve it.

What is Magearna?

Magearna is a myth of Pokémon which is made up of large metallic body a 2- footed animal primarily made up of spheres. It is pink in colour consists of rabbit like ears with tiny nose and mouth having ovals in the centre.  It has pointed hands and its upper body has acquired a structure of poke ball. It has large base in spherical shape with golden wavy lines on each side of sphere.  I guess you must have imagined the structure…..Right?

Magearna QR Code

Magearna has some special healing power which can relief the pain of Pokémon. For instance, if the Pokémon is injured or wounded, it will feel the pain and save the Pokémon. It even has an ability to perceive Pokémon’s emotions, thoughts, feelings, sadness etc. It can take the form of poke ball when Pokémon is sad or sleeping. Thus it has lavishing energy; you can make most of this to save the Pokémon.

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While you will only owe an excitement to beat the game! Because those who haven’t completed the levels have not to worry as it will continue to work boundlessly. So not to rush; everyone will get a chance to go there! Now let me allow to guide you for scanning Magearn QR Code.

Magearna QR Code Not Working For USA,UK, Canada, Australia, Europe & Japan [Fix it]

  1. Clear the game first and complete the first story of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Then try to scan the  Magearna QR Code.

Magearna QR Code not working

  1. Once you scanned you can visit the shopping mall in Hauli city to get the Magearna.
  1. If you failed to scan you can then just close the X menu and open it again.
  1. Then you will fine a delivery van, talk to him and get it.
  1. If you fine any errors you can try for atleast 2 or 3 times.

Features Of Magearna QR Code

Magearna is created by some geneuis scientist around 500 years ago. It is an artificial Pokemon who will debut in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. It is steel and fairy style type of Pokemon with an ability of having soul heart. It has an eccentric power of controlling this mechanical kingdom.

Well what an astonishing game! I am sure you must be very excited to finish your story to experience this unseen Magearna! So this article was all about scanning of Magearna QR Code. Hope you would have perceived enough guidance for getting Magearna. And if still you are facing any kind of issue you can let us know, we will get back to you with solution as early as possible. If you interested in hacking games then we also shared online SB game hacker APK at our website. So don’t waste time; enjoy the battles of Pokemon Go!

Magearna QR Code Not Working For Australia, UK, USA & Europe
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