Magnum 4d Jackpot Gold – How it works and what You can win

As the world is developing, there is also a new era in the world of lotteries. In Malaysia, Magnum owns its in house lottery, which is 4D jackpot gold; it is also known as “multi-million jackpot game,” and it is categorized as the most exciting lotteries of all time as it comes with more prizes as well as many other ways to win them. In this game, even the consolation prizes are worth RM 100,000.

Let’s get started,

Most people struggle with the concept of the game well it is far simpler, the Magnum 4D Jackpot gold start with two components which are:

  •         TRIFECTA component
  •         GOLDEN component

TRIFECTA component: It is one of the two components in the lottery ticket. It ranges between 000000 – 999999. For example- 223183. It is a 6-digit number that can be selected by the player itself; any random work will work here. Moreover, due to the increase in the number of digits, the quest for winning this game also increases.

Golden component: Another exciting component of this game, it ranges between 00 – 19. However, with the introduction, two more numbers make this game more complex. Like the other component, this one can be chosen by the player itself. For example- 12. One thing to keep in mind is that the golden number should be between 0 to 19. Otherwise, it will result in a violation of the rule, and the player will automatically lose the game.

With both components, the number looks like this: 129122-11

How winners are calculated:

Magnum 4D jackpot gold gives its players many chances to win the game as the prizes are calculated in 7 sets. These sets are as follow for an official draw of 123456-10 are

  1.       1st prize is taken by the player whose both components match to the draw.
  2.       2nd prize can be taken by two people whose golden number is the same as the draw, but 1 number doesn’t match the TRIFECTA component  (only for 1st and last) examples are #23456-10 and 12345#-10.
  3.       3rd prize can be taken by the players whose TRIFECTA component matches the draw fully.
  4.       4th prize can be taken by those people whose TRIFECTA component matches the draw as the same for 2nd prize but neglects the Golden number.
  5.       5th prize can be taken by two persons as well whose number matches the draw by neglecting two numbers, for example- ##3456 and 1234##.
  6.       6th prize is for those persons whose three numbers match in a sequence: 123### and ###456.
  7.       7th prize if for those 3 persons whose 2 digits matched in the same order for example = 12####, ##34##, ####56.

In this way, the winners have announced the maximum price for the 1st position can be of RM 2,000,000++. If there is more than one winner, then the amount is divided between them.

The recent results of the Magnum 4D jackpot gold are:

282330-09 with the 1st  prize of 5,826,728 and 2nd prize of 235,842.

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