Mistakes while choosing a flower girl dress that you need to avoid

There are many mistakes that you make in the daily routine but the wedding is an event that you dot want to make any mistakes on. On a wedding day,every onesupposes that everything is going to be perfect but in case if you miss even a single thing it can become a big mistake and that you will have engraved in your mind forever because it is your special day that will be disturbed. So only the mistakes that people can ignore can be made otherwise there is no room for the mistakes. The better thing to avoid these mistakes is having proper guides and also doing everything without a lot of stress. So here are some of the common mistakes that people make with the flower girl dresses andyou need to completely avoid these to have a beautiful wedding procession.

A too long dress

When it comes to flower girl dresses don’t choose the one that is floor length because this way it will be uncomfortable for the flower girl and she may not even be able to walk in that. Even if you have them practised just ditch this idea while buying toddler flower girl dresses because we all know no matter how many practices they have the toddler van never manage a floor length dress so settle on knee length of tea length which is just above the ankle.

A heavy dress

No matter how beautiful a heavy dress with all the embellishments look don’t choose a dress that is too heavy because it will look too extra apart from the act that your flower girl will feel very uncomfortable in that. You can’t just load your flower girl with everything so try avoiding this huge mistake.

Don’t buy a dress too soon

Don’t buy a dress too early because we know that how fast kids grow and in notime the dress will get shorter on her and if that happens around the wedding date you will have the biggest regret. Even if you haveto buy too early buy a dress that is a size bigger so when your daughter grows up she will be able to enjoy that dress and if that doesn’t happen you can have it tailored by a seamstress and getting it a size shorter will be no big deal.

Don’t buy a dress without her presence

In her absence buying a flower girl dress is a stupid idea because maybe she won’t like what you have bought for her and maybe she won’t feel comfortable in it. Also of such thing happens it I a possibility you buy a dress of the wrong size so having your flower girl there is important so you can have her try it out at least.

Don’t ignore the weather

Ignoring whether regarding an adult’s dress is a mistake and it becomes an even bigger mistake when it is a child’s dress because even though adults can handle that the flower girl will be bothered byit at the whole event

So these are the mistakes you need to avoid

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