Our review of Piaggio Ape

The Piaggio Ape is a three-wheeled light commercial vehicle which is manufactured and marketed by Piaggio as the VespaCar or TriVespa— in continuous production since its 1948 introduction and offered in numerous body configurations to serve a wide range of utilitarian functions.

After World War II, when Italians could not afford any personal transportation, aircraft designer Corradino D’Ascanio, in 1947, conceived a light and simple three-wheeled commercial vehicle, with the help of Piaggio. The first model was an abrupt adaptation of the company’s two-wheel scooter, Vespa adding two extra rear wheels and a plain utility bed over the rear axle.

It was designed as a single-seater whereas now it can accommodate around two passengers of average size. A door is set up on each side for the purpose of entry and exit. It facilities might weight delivery for uphill at a low top speed and its performance is modest.

The vehicles come in the form of vans, pickups for luggage carrying and as auto-rickshaw. Models like the Ape Cross Country and the Ape Web aimed at the youth market are brought in by Piaggio Trucks recently. Ape is usually preferred because of its compact size that turns out to be helpful in narrow streets, and parks.

Mostly Apes are produced by Piaggup, India in the form of an auto-rickshaw here in India. But a similar vehicle is made by Bajaj Auto too. On October 16, 2013, Piaggio announced that the production of Ape would end in Italy and moved to India.

There have been certain genuine reviews on this from many users and they are as follows:

  • Pros: Good and easy to drive in city traffic. Best in class mileage. Lower maintenance cost. Value for money. Easy operability.

Cons: No back weight, lifts the front of the vehicle if loaded heavy in the back. Gives arm pains due to steering type, since holding the handle and due to one side shock absorber, arms are getting much pressure, which makes life harder.

  • Piaggio ape is the very Good truck for picking up Materials and routine work, it is a very cost-effective truck and Picks up is very good. Sometimes the vehicle gives vibration. Save Rs. 1 for each 1-kilometre. It will help you to avoid big expense at the time of Vehicle service.

It usually carries lighter loads like food items and mostly on urban roads and hilly roads. Though it looks small, it can accommodate a co-driver with the driver. The three-wheeler truck has an overall length of 3,110 mm, while the wheelbase stands at 2,100 mm.

It has off-road traceability of 18% which is normal for a three-wheeler mini truck. It has in itself a 165 mm of ground clearance which helps in bad and bumpy roads.

The suspension set up is comparatively stiffer which helps in keeping travel stable when it comes to bad road conditions. Overall, Piaggio Ape can be concluded as a value for money since it is priced at Rs. 147,000 to Rs. 184,000. It is almost available in all states of India to serve every business owners need.

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