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Track baby’s growth during pregnancy by everyday video

Tracking baby’s growth during pregnancy is really fun. And at the same time, it is medically important also. Earlier, people were not much aware of the benefits of tracking baby’s growth video every day. But these days people are aware of the benefits of doing so. As medical science has developed so much, that there are many ways of watching your baby growing inside every day. Also, the parents like to keep their baby’s growth video for the memories. Your gynecologist can help you in keeping a track of everything during your pregnancy, from your baby’s kicks to your baby’s movements to your baby’s growth, everything. Here, we will know a little more about making baby’s growth video.

Tracking all the trimesters

Pregnancy is typically divided into 3 trimesters. And you would be happy to know that you can see your baby growing from the 1st trimester itself. In the first trimester itself, you will notice many changes taking place. Initially, your baby will look like a kidney bean. As the weeks will pass you will see the baby developing in a shape like a human being. That means his/her eyes, nose, hands and other body structures will start taking shape. In the second semester, you will see your baby has already grown up to around 3 inches. Your tummy size will also increase, and this is the trimester when you will start getting your baby kicks as well. The third trimester is the final trimester after which your baby will come out. Your baby will start gaining weight in this trimester along with the size. Also, his nails and hair will start developing. And a lot more changes will be there, which you can see through the videos.

How to see growth?

For those who are not aware of the fact that how they can track their baby’s or fetus growth, here is the info for you all. There are many pregnancy apps which can help you keep a track of your baby’s growth each week or every day. But when it comes to watching your baby growing, then you can take your gynecologists help. Your doctor with the help of ultrasound can make you see your baby growing in your womb every week or day. You can even collect the baby growth video during pregnancy from your doctor for keeping it with yourself.

Baby’s Growth Videos Importance

It is essential to look after the fetus growth every day or every week so that the doctor can know how the fetus is. Many times, there are certain complications which a baby go through. And it is important to know such issues so that it can be handled. Apart from that, it will help you also know many things related to fetus growth and the complications that can occur during pregnancy.

Other things about fetus growth

In case, you are not able to watch your fetus growth every day, you can try to watch it weekly or twice in a month. Start keeping baby growth week by week video to show it to your baby later on when they will grow up. Do download apps suggested by your doctor, to keep track of every detail related to your pregnancy. Even these days you will find apps where you can feed changes happening every day during your pregnancy.

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