What are the 3 ways to increase your turnover for a local business?

When it comes to increasing the sales of your local business there are only three ways . Ok you will tell me that there are more but in the end we can group them into three major categories.

These three major categories are:

Attract new customers

Increase the frequency of visiting a client

Increase the average sale per visit

In this article I will detail these three ways and strategies that you can put in place in each case.

Attract new customers

There are always opportunities to attract new customers . Whether you are located in a big city or not, whether you are a restaurant, a spa, a beauty salon, a furniture store, a real estate agency, a fitness center, a car dealer, it is very likely that many people who might be interested in your products / services do not know you at all. And even if you are an established business for many years it is unfortunately possible that people living in the same neighborhood are not aware of your existence.

What strategy to put in place to attract these new customers?

One of the best strategies today is to create digital signature and advertising on Facebook and Instagram. If you’ve taken the plunge and created your Facebook and Instagram business page, you’ve probably already tried to promote one of your articles / posts using the “promote” button. It’s not something I recommend, and you can read an article on it here .

The best is to use the Facebook Ads Manager which gives very detailed options and allows you to launch your advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram.

And the possibilities are very powerful. You can already choose to target people who live in or pass through your neighborhood. Then you can target people who have their birthdays soon to send them specific offers, people with special interests (spa, beauty, flowers, fitness, Chinese cuisine, …), people based on their income, people who have young children ect …

Then you just have to highlight quality offers to be sure that your ads will be seen and will lead to new customers.

For example for a restaurant you can offer discounts on a menu or offer an aperitif. For a spa you can offer a discount code valid for the first visit. There is no specific rule on what you should promote, the important thing is that your advertising is visually attractive (quality photos, videos …) and the offer makes people want to move.

Increase the frequency of visits

Returning customers to your local business many times (and more often) requires different strategies than those used to attract new customers.

First of all it obviously depends on the experience your customers had the first time they visited your business. If the service was good and they were treated very well, it will make them want to come back. And of course if they enjoyed your service, it will help a lot.

It goes without saying that if you go tomorrow to a restaurant where the waiter is contemptuous, the food is unspecified and the toilets are very dirty, you will probably never come back.

In terms of marketing, what strategies to put in place to get customers back more often?

The most important thing is to continue to communicate with your customers once they have visited your establishment. Do you have a way to retrieve the phone numbers / emails of your customers? Have you asked them to subscribe to your account on social networks?

It is crucial to have an on-site information capture strategy in place. Then you can apply different strategy depending on your clientele. For example, people under 25 are more present on Instagram and prefer SMS to emails and therefore an SMS-based strategy and an active Instagram account will work best.

Then it is important to regularly send information, offers and promotions by email or SMS and to be present on Instagram and Facebook (Live, Stories, Posts quality …) to remind your customers to come back.

And have you thought about setting up a marketing strategy on Facebook Messenger thanks to a Chatbot   that gives very high opening rates and allows you to create an engaging relationship with your customers?

Finally, do not neglect strategies “hard” as a loyalty card or subscription that continue to work.

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