Which is the best Bluetooth speaker under Rs3000/-

In the past few years, flagship models have overwhelmed the electronic market with back to back high-performance Bluetooth speakers. A speaker isn’t just a simple speaker anymore that produces sound when the music is played. A mini Bluetooth speaker has turned out to be a multipurpose device that has ultimate integrated solutions embedded into it. Anyone reading this post should understand that we are talking about premium best Bluetooth speakers available today in the electronic gadget market. This is the ultimate mobile speaker from the Acid eye.

Preview some stunning features of this speaker,

Product features:

·         Acid Eye Bass DY38 Bluetooth speaker, with a clock and FM

o    Bluetooth audio, version 4.0

o    FM radio

o    Alarm clock

o    Built-in calendar

o    LED light

·         Display

o    Real-time display in 12/24 format

o    FM radio clock with a large screen display

o    LED mirror screen

·         Size & Weight

o    236 gm, speaker resistance 68 ohm

·         Dimension

o    75mm x 60mm x 125mm, 430 gm

·         Watt output

o    3-watt loudspeaker output

·         Power by

o    USB charging

o    AUX compatibility, to support other devices

·         TF Card extension

o    32G to the Max

·         Hardware

o    Bluetooth 4.2 +EDR smart chip, stronger performance

o    3.5 mm audio cable and charging cable


·         Sound quality

o    3D stereo

o    Woofer

o    Intelligent dual core coding

·         Warranty

o    1-Year

·         Battery

o    Whopping 2000 mAh, lithium battery, fast charging mode

·         Ergonomically designed,

·         Compatible with major mobile phones, laptops, computers, and tablets

Product description:

One soft touch LED light, incorporated calendar and an alarm clock. With deep house speaker compatibility, all these features in one single awesome speaker. I had an opportunity to review this Bluetooth speaker with FM and clock and I must admit it is a pleasant looking collection now on my desk. It is a non-intrusive design with great aesthetics blend into one brilliant product. A wireless speaker can be expected only from a reputed company like an Acid eye. If you are easily getting tired of the music that you have on your phone or player then don’t worry about it anymore, If you like Bluetooth speaker with FM and you use them often outdoors, we have the right kind of device for you that is the mobile speaker. Yes, we have a product that will give you awesome music as well as it is a multifunctional device that acts as a LED light, FM radio, and an awesome speaker. Let me inform you that one of the portable speakers is making rounds nowadays in the electronic market. That is why we call them as Acid eye best Bluetooth speakers but don’t settle with only the speaker the device should be multifunctional. The device is compact and easy to carry outdoors.

Mind you about the price factor, other major branded speakers with same functionalities don’t come cheap but the Acid eye, best Bluetooth speakers are multifunctional devices and are inexpensive at the same time. This has been proven from time to time whenever new product line from Acid eye portable speakers are launched and compared with major devices in the market. No cables and wires that can get cluttered, it is 100% wireless, durable and finely made speaker. The characteristics of this mobile speaker are great with FM and LED mirror embedded in it.

Why do think today we need a Bluetooth speaker with FM and calendar?

As you may know, music is an important element of our lives. We hear the music only in our beautiful homes or in cafes. If you wanted to listen to music outdoors, either your friend or a relative had to bring a guitar or any other musical instrument to play in front of the crowd. Today we can carry our music with us anywhere we go and this is how our mini Bluetooth speaker comes handy. Not just music but nice talk shows airing, it also makes you nostalgic with some old songs that you and your friends had sung but you have forgotten about them. This is why it’s good to have a Bluetooth speaker with a clock and an FM radio.

It is imperative that all wireless communication devices should be designed and built with robust hardware and should keep the standards solid like Acid eye product line. Using incorporated hardware chip is not an easy task since it cannot be copied or reinvent again which again is proven by Acid eye products. Customers generally look for a sporty best Bluetooth speaker that is stylish and that is designed with passion. This mini Bluetooth speaker has a good sound output with deep bass and of course, perfectly designed. It is often seen the emerging electronic markets that technologies are redefined. This multifunctional Bluetooth speaker with a clock is indeed redefined in its own sense.

Box includes 1 x (Acid Eye Bass DY38 Bluetooth audio mirror alarm clock), 1 x AUX cable, 1 x USB cable, 1 x user manual

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